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Flint Glass

Sunao Inami
TORIMIMASATAKA (sausage / groove fusion)
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    Flint Glass
    Flint Glass is a Paris-based dark electronica project that has been described by critics as representing some of the most innovative sounds-styling towards electronica, rhythmic noise and dark ambient genres. Flint Glass is a one man project of Gwenn Trémorin, formed in 1999. Not only a musician and producer, Gwenn also manages the outstanding experimental electronica label Brume records in France. Flint Glass’ music tends to crawl under your skin, shapes the most fantastic images, and keeps challenging by means of an intelligent use of samples, rhythms and beats. With Flint Glass you find influences from the ambient of the ‘90’s as well as various forms of IDM, tribal and industrial rhythmic noise. Flint Glass has played numerous live gigs all around Europe, festivals and at some famous clubs like Batofar/Paris, Dom/Moscow, Slime light/London, Kab Usine/Geneva and his project already appears in the foreground of finest experimental dark electronica.

    Sunao Inami
    Sunao started working with synthesizers when he was 13 years old.
    He has a huge knowledge of analog and digital synthesis and is a key figure in the field of wavetable synthesis. After playing in the post-new wave band CONTROLLED VOLTAGE in the early ’90s, he built his own Internet servers and started creating improvised electronic music.
    In 1998, his 1st album was released by the Belgian label, SubRosa.
    In 2000, he participated in the Y.M.O. (Yellow Magic Orchestra) remix project “TECHNOPOLIS 2000-00”.
    Sunao has toured extensively in the past year, performing in Europe, the U.S. and Taiwan with other musicians and dancers, and around Japan.
    He also performs twice monthly in a live studio webcast series entitled “Live from Far East” and has done over 65 such webcast gigs since 2002.
    He runs CAVE Studio, his own label “electr-ohm” and the electronica/noise label and shop “C.U.E. Records” in Kobe.
    And he appears with the legendary Japanese band AUTO-MOD at Kobe Underground Festival.
    He is organizing series event at Apple Store in Osaka & Nagoya,it called “mindscapes”.