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We “RePlay (Regenerate)”

A.C.E.(Takashi Tajima + Asato Yasui)

DJ Hidetaka Horie a.k.a Jin-Cromanyon featuring DJ DERECk a.k.a Shunsuke Takagi

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Open:19:00 / Start:19:00 / Adv:¥3,000 (D別) / Door:¥3,500 (D別)


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    ( See the bottom for English. )
    『A.C.E. 35th Anniversary!!!!!』
    マルチインストゥルメンタリストでタンバリン奏者として活躍する田島隆と、音楽家でサウンドアーティストの安井麻人によるテクノバンド A.C.E. の2年ぶり結成35周年を記念するライブが、大阪南堀江の socore factory で開催!
    前座に A.C.E. の弟分にあたる Jin-Cromanyon こと堀江秀隆にDJでディジュリドゥ奏者の DERECk こと高木俊介をフィーチャー!!
    socore factory による充実の音響スペックで、35年の集大成となるA.C.E.のライブをお楽しみ下さい。2年ぶりのライブをお見逃しなく!!!


    企画制作:ministudio artists ( お問合せ先

    『A.C.E. 35th Anniversary!!!!!』
    A live performance by Takashi Tajima, a multi-instrumentalist and tambourine player, and Asato Yasui, a musician and sound artist, will be held at the socore factory in Minamihorie, Osaka to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the formation of the techno band A.C.E. for the first time in two years !
    The undercard features A.C.E.’s younger brother, Jin-Cromanyon a.k.a Hidetaka Horie, and DJ and didgeridooist DERECk a.k.a Shunsuke Takagi !!
    Please enjoy the live performance of A.C.E. Don’t miss the first live in 2 years !!!

    Date : Sunday, 1 November, 2020. 18:00 Open / Start ~
    Charge : ¥3,000.- / ¥3,500.-
    (A separate drink fee is required for each)
    Place : socore factory (Osaka)
    2-13-26, Minami Horie, Nishi-Ku, Osaka, 〒550-0015, JAPAN.
    tel. 06-6567-9852
    * The temperature will be measured at the entrance. Those above 37.5 ° C cannot enter.
    * * Please be sure to wear a mask.
    * * * Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection.

    Stage Appearance : A.C.E. (Takashi Tajima + Asato Yasui)
    DJ Hidetaka Horie a.k.a Jin-Cromanyon a.k.a featuring DJ DERECk a.k.a Shunsuke Takagi
    Planning and production : ministudio artists (Contact Information