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SOCORE FACTORY presents Evening News (from Melbourne, Australia) JAPAN TOUR IN OSAKA

Evening News (from Melbourne, Australia)

Acidclank - Solo Set-
Deck E
hayashi toto

nishikawa (NEIGHBORHOOD)

Open:19:00 / Start:19:00 / Adv:¥2,500 (D込) / Door:¥3,000 (D込)


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    オーストラリのメルボルンからエレクトロの革命児”Evening News”が来阪!!

    Evening News (from Melbourne, Australia)

    Dan Rock(Beatnik Collective、Gymnastics in the Seventies、Cantrips)とWinton Findlay(Godoggo、Birdsnake)は、新たにChristy Wositzky-Jones(Skinny Wizard、Empress)、Miles Henry(Honey、Claps)を迎え、Evening Newsを結成しました。結成からわずか1年という短い期間で、The National Gallery of VictoriaやWonder Mountain Festivalでのパフォーマンス、Aphex Twinトリビュートライブのキュレーション、そして2022年の東海岸ツアーで高い評価を得ています。

    Evening Newsは、ダンスフロア向けの音楽のキュレーション、ライブおよびDJとしての豊富な経験を活かし、馴染み深くも独創的なサウンドを生み出しています。彼らの新作EP『New World』は、メルボルンのシーンに根ざしたハウスやニュージャズのサウンドを取り入れつつ、Jungle、2 Step、IDMの伝説的アーティストであるSquarepusher、Aphex Twin、u-Ziqに強く影響を受けながら、バンドの音楽的な幅を広げています。

    Evening Newsは、これまでにない革新的なライブエレクトロニカを届けるアーティストです。

    Evening News is the new moniker of the instrumental dance/ electronica group formerly knownas Beatnik Collective.
    As band members have changed so has the music and the name.
    Dan Rock (Beatnik Collective, Gymnastics in the Seventies, Cantrips) & Winton Findlay (Godoggo, Birdsnake) are now joined by Christy Wositzky-Jones (Skinny Wizard, Empress) and Miles Henry (Honey,Claps).
    In the short year the band has formed they have performed together at The National
    Gallery of Victoria, Wonder Mountain Festival, A sold out EP launch in Melbourne, curated a live
    Aphex twin tribute show as well as a high selling east coast tour in 2022.
    Drawing from their experience curating dance floor musics, live and through djing, Evening
    News have been working to create a sound that is familiar, yet unique. The influences for their upcoming EP ‘New World’ of course incorporate the Melbourne peer influenced house and nu-jazz sounds that you know and love, whilst focusing on, and expanding the sonic landscape of the band.
    With strong nods to Jungle, 2 step and IDM legends Squarepusher, Aphex Twin
    and u-Ziq they push boundaries of what a live band can do in crossing over to the realm of the
    electronic. What was previously exclusive to each art form is now encased in one sound.

    Evening News

    Acidclank-Solo Set-

    トラックメイカー/シンガーソングライターであるYota Moriによるソロプロジェクト。
    2021年・2022年には国内最大級のフェス「FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL」にバンドセットとして出演。 2022年のRED MARQUEEステージでのパフォーマンスでは、日本人離れした音楽性・高い演奏力で大きな話題を呼んだ。
    2023年からは活動拠点を大阪から東京に移し、サポートメンバーに元NUMBER GIRLの中尾憲太郎氏がベースとして参加するなど、各著名アーティスト達から支持されつつ精力的にライブ活動・リリースを行っている。

    Yota Mori is the creative force behind a solo projece “Acidclank” that blurs the lines between a track maker and singer-songwriter. His musical journey is a sonic adventure, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres, including shoegaze, krautrock, psychedelic, acid house, Madchester, and dream pop. His sound is an ever-evolving tapestry, always fluid and dynamic.
    In 2021 and 2022, Acidclank and his band made waves by gracing the stage at Japan’s most prominent music festival, the illustrious “FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL.” Their performances were nothing short of spectacular, with the 2022 show at the RED MARQUEE stage leaving a lasting impression, thanks to Acidclank’s exceptional musical prowess and captivating stage presence.
    Transitioning into 2023, Acidclank shifted his creative hub from Osaka to the heart of Tokyo, attracting attention and respect from fellow artists. Notably, Kentaro Nakao, a former member of NUMBER GIRL, joined as the bassist in Acidclank’s support band, a testament to Yota’s growing influence in the music scene. This dynamic artist remains committed to a tireless schedule of live shows and new releases.
    But Acidclank isn’t confined to just one role in the music world. He’s also a skilled modular synthesizer player, expanding his horizons further. In 2023, he showcased his modular synth skills with a solo set at TFoM, Japan’s most significant modular synth exposition. His versatile talents and broad-reaching projects resonate in both club and band scenes, cementing his status as a multifaceted artist.

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